Kiss The Frog

Froggy is the working title of the very first computer game made by
Sweatbox Software when the company had just started in 1994. The task was to make a
small game as a commercial for Hewlett Packard printers with the title Kiss the Frog.
The rest was up to us, and this is what we came up with.

The frog jumps around the bush while the beautiful princess is sending her kisses at him. If she hits him you join a contest with the grand price of a HP color printer, and if she doesn't - well, you do anyway.

Shortly after finishing Kiss the Frog we were asked to make a christmas version which
included a snowman. Except from programming the snowball, this was just a conversion
of the graphics. This game was run in computer shops selling HP printers all over
Denmark, December 1994.

The frog jumps around the ice fortress, while the snowman throws snowballs at him.

Programming by Ruvan Fernando and Dan Harder
Graphics by Dan Harder and Karsten Lund