Headnut - Da Game! is an "isometric" 2D-game for Windows (using DirectX)
produced by Sweatbox Animation ApS and Titoonic A/S for Phenomedia AG, Germany.
The two main characters Erkan and Stefan are well know in Germany from a
TV-series and are currently starring a feature film of the same name.

The game is built on our new realtime 2D-game engine,
a Sweatbox/Titoonic joint venture, and the objective is simply to
"headnut" everyone and everything on your way - Brontal oder!?!

Check out the screen dumps below and download the Demo (5.3 Mb).
Full screen 800 x 600 in 32 bit, AGP video card required, minimum
Pentium III or similar recommended.

Main Menu

Hood 1

Hood 2

Hood 3

Hood 4

Hood 5

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