Remote Control

Remote Control is a TV game show that runs on Star channel in Greece and is a Greek
version of the American show of the same name. For this purpose the producers of the
show needed a program to display some images on a screen, as well as keeping track
of points and updating score boards and lamps etc. In addition the program includes
2 actual computer games, from which we are showing some screen shots below:

The game has seven rounds in which the 3 players in the studio must answer questions or fight each other in a game.

In round 2 they simply roll the slot machine and get points according to the result.

In round 4 the fight takes on a different and more violent form. The 2 remaining (of the 3 players) meet in the ring as a cangaroo with boxing gloves and a gorilla respectively.

Programming by Dan Harder
Graphics by Karsten Lund and Dan Harder