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Who are we?

Sweatbox Animation is run by Dan Harder supported by a number of talented people connected to the company on a project-by-project basis. These include animators, background painters, cleanup artists, computer programmers, computer graphics artists and musicians.

Among the people, who contributed to the work of Sweatbox Animation in the past two decades are (in no particular order): Thomas Dreyer, Karsten Lund, Doron Meir, Ilan Hatukah, Bjarne Hansen, Jesper Ejsing, Ruvan Fernando, Brian Bramsted, Felix Bryde Nielsen, Thomas Colding Jørgensen, Jesper Colding Jørgensen, Johannes Bjerregaard, Søren Itenov, Martin Madsen, Sara Koppel, Uffe Danielsen and more.



The business was initially founded as Dan Harder Animation in January 1990, and dealt only with classical animation and perhaps the odd illustration job.

Another business, Sweatbox Software, was added in 1993, with the original purpose of producing a PC-based animation line-test system (used by classical animators to test their work). The focus, however, quickly shifted towards the production of PC-based computer games.

In the late 1990's, as technology became more affordable and allowed small businesses to compete with the bigger players in the animation industry, the company started producing TV-commercials all the way from storyboard to finished film. The animation and computer businesses merged into one, and became Sweatbox Animation.

In the new millenium, while there is still room for the occasional computer game or animated commercial, the emphasis has been on providing animation, storyboarding, character design and other sub-contracting for larger productions such as feature films and shorts produced by other companies.

Through the years, the pursuit of the highest possible quality has remained the priority, the specific medium being secondary. This is also reflected in Sweatbox Animation's first entirely home-grown animation project, which is currently in development, the short film A Good Dog.


Contact info

Sweatbox Animation ApS
Grundtvigsvej 3A, 3.
1864 Frederiksberg C
Tel: +45 40 82 10 82
CVR: 21783609


OBS - Vedr. praktik og jobansøgning:

Sweatbox Animation tager desværre ikke praktikanter, hverken i kortere eller længere tid p.g.a. manglende kapacitet. Virksomheden har ingen ansatte, og benytter sig udelukkende af ekstern assistance på freelance-basis, hvorfor alle former for jobansøgninger også venligst frabedes. Beklager.



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