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During the years Sweatbox Animation has provided animation, storyboarding and other assistance for a number of animated features (and a few shorts) produced by other companies. Among those:


Character design on CGI feature "Hodja fra Pjort" (2018)
A.Film/M&M Productions, Copenhagen.

Character design on CGI
feature "Gnomes"
(still in pre-production),
Gnomes Entertainment, Finland/Parka Pictures, Denmark.

Character design on CGI feature "Albert" (2015),
A.Film/M&M Productions, Copenhagen.

Story development on CGI feature "Harvie and the Magic Museum" (2017), Rolling Pictures, Prague.

Character design on
CGI feature "Asterix -
Mansion of the Gods,"
M6, France (2014).

Story development on CGI feature "Olsen-Banden på
dybt vand" (released 2013),
A.Film/Nordisk Film, Copenhagen.

Storyboard on
"Hokus Pokus Alfons Åberg"
(2013), Maipo Film, Oslo &
A.Film, Copenhagen.

Storyboard, character design
and location design on CGI feature "Marco Macaco"
(released 2012),
Nice Ninja, Copenhagen.

More material here.

Storyboard on the second season of British Aardman's
TV-series "Shaun the Sheep"

Storyboard, character design,
modeling supervision and
CGI animation on
"The Disco Worms",
Radar Film,
Copenhagen, 2008.

View trailer here.

Storyboard on
"Jasper - Journey to
the End of the World",
Toon 'n' Tales,
Hamburg, Germany 2007.

View teaser here.

Storyboard on
Halle, Germany 2006-07.

View teaser here.

Storyboard on "Jungo III",
(Jungledyret Hugo - Fræk,
flabet og fri), A-Film,
Copenhagen 2006.

Animation on "Nocturna",
Spain 2006.

View trailer here.

Design, storyboard and animation on "Asterix and the Vikings", M6/A-Film 2003-05.

Click here for more info.

Animation on
"The Jester Till",
Munich Animation 2003.

Animation on "Adam
Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights",
A-Film/Sony Pictures 2001.

Storyboard and animation
on "Help! I’m A Fish"
A-Film, Copenhagen,

Animation on
"Den Bedste Af Alle Verdener",
Tegnedrengene/ Filmforsyningen,

Animation on
(The history of the World),
Tegnedrengene/ Filmforsyningen,
Copenhagen, 1993.

Animation on
"Jungledyret Hugo" (Jungo),
A-Film, Copenhagen,

Animation on "Thumbelina",
Don Bluth, Dublin, 1992.

Storyboard on
"The Pebble and the Penguin",
A-Film/Don Bluth, 1992.

Animation on
"A Troll In Central Park",
A-Film/Don Bluth, 1990.

Animation on
"Werner - Beinhart!",
Gerhard Hahn Film,
Berlin, 1989-90.

Animation on
Don Bluth,
Dublin, 1989.

Animation on
"All Dogs Go To Heaven"
Don Bluth,
Dublin, 1988.





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